Weight, undeniable.

Tears, unbearable.

Fears, relentelss.

Pain so restless.

Wake up, moving.

Slowly losing.

Strength to live.

Love to give.

Pardon me for asking,

But isn’t your soul saved?

Excuse my curiosity,

But why are you complaining?

His whole life was given death.

You bearly give yours back.

Lost in what you lack.

Here’s another thought:

You were bought

He paid for you.

And yet your little heart.

Rejects the light for dark.

You were lost.

He found your soul.

And yet the worldly pull.

Has tossed you to and fro.

What you suffer most.

Never will be close.

To what He did for you.

What you suffer most.

Will always bring you close.

To Him and all that’s true.

Wake up, knowing.

All your showing.

Has a meaning.

Of how you love.

Your Savior.

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