The sweat is falling down his face.

The tears run in a sorrowed chase.

He’s building trust that once fell through.

His hope sinks in the ocean blue.

She sits alone far from his side.

Her heart in pain she cannot hide.

Her eyes drip tears that blind her sight.

She slips into the darkened night. 

He sees her sitting far away.

He builds his bridge that’s in decay.

She will not look into his eyes.

Perhaps, he’ll build her only lies.

Dancing through the quiet breeze.

She hears regret while on his knees.

Dare she let him walk this way.

And heal that pained September day.

His letters scattered on the ground.

Written words fly all around.

Confused she sits alone, without.

Her once best friend now made her doubt.

He steps onto his bridge so weak.

Coming towards the one he seeks.

She reaches out her lonely hand.

To say to him, “Please, help me stand.”

Sometimes, the bridge of trust is a battle and often you have to take the risk.
The Bridge of Trust is slowly built, sometimes it’s wise to take the risk.

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