To You

You drown yourself in distance.
Claim you’re the only one.
But listen as you turn away.
And find somewhere to hide.
Alone and lonely don’t exist.
When God is at your side.
What you suffer most.
Never will be close.
To what He did for you.
What you suffer most.
Will always bring you close.
To Him and all that’s true.
Stop asking why, stop asking now.
The King of Kings will reign.
Forever, forever, forever.
 As you run, you run.
Through life, through life.
Remember, remember.
The Sovereign One.
The pieces can fall the way they want.
But they never can get far.
Because there is your Savior.
Piecing them back together.
This trial feels like forever.
But it’s not forever, it will end.
The only Forever is your Savior- Friend.
 And now,
Your life falls between.
Your weakness, His strength.
Your heart, broken parts.
Can be healed, made clean.
Will you come, will you come?
His pursuit of you has begun.

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